The challenge

To improve the quality of care

Trying to improve the quality of care is not easy. Care assessment instruments can help to improve the quality of care. However, they are also time consuming and complicated tools. If only they where easy to use and to implement…….


Everywhere, anytime and easy to integrate

Care assessment information should be easily accessible (securely) and readily available in every care setting the client might find himself in. It should work on every device and in online and offline situations. It should integrate existing systems and reuse data from them. One should only have to enter data once!

And last but not least;  FUN!

Caregivers work under difficult circumstances, they are always under time pressure. An assessment session will have to be so reliable, so easy, so fast it becomes fun again!


Pyxicare set out to adress the challenges above. In order to provide the caregiver with a reliable, fluent, easy workflow we first had to overcome practical problems, such as:

  • How to connect several different client information systems (electronic client dossiers (EPD) or HIS (huisarts Informatie Systeem) and make it communicate with a mobile care assessment system?
  • How to provide secure data handling and easy acces at the same time?
  • How to design a user friendly interface without compromising the validity or the accuracy of the scientific content of the assessment instrument?
  • How can you make the data readily available online and offline?

Curious? Let’s meet Pyxicare….